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Travelling Trip - Enjoying a Beach Feast-TUOLI

Nov 16, 2023

Dear all,

Our company will soon hold an eagerly anticipated team-building activity, offering all employees a rare opportunity to enjoy a 2-day trip by the beach. 
Below are the exciting details of this trip. Let's look forward to this unforgettable experience together!

1. Dancing with the Waves: We will visit a beautiful and charming beach, where everyone can fully enjoy the sunshine, sand, 
and vast ocean.You can feel the sea breeze on your face, bask in the sunlight, and dance with the waves, 
leaving behind wonderful memories on the beach.

2. Exciting Water Activities: To enhance team cohesion, we have prepared a series of thrilling water activities. 
From exhilarating sailing competitions to exciting kayaking adventures, everyone will have a chance to showcase their 
sporting talents and face challenges together with their teammates.

3. Archery Fun Competition: On the day of the event, we have set up a professional archery field in a picturesque 
outdoor venue and invited experienced archery coaches for guidance. Each employee will be equipped with professional 
archery gear,gripping the bow and arrow, aiming at the target, and releasing passion and strength.

During the archery process, everyone will experience the importance of concentration, balance, and accurate judgment. 
We will help each other and make joint efforts to progress together through friendly competition. Through this activity, 
we will also come to realize the importance of teamwork. Everyone plays a crucial role in the archery process, 
cooperating and supporting each other.Only through the power of the team can we achieve our goals. 
The whole activity is filled with laughter, seamless coordination, mutual encouragement, and collective progress.

4. Mountain Off-road Track: The team competition on the mountain off-road track is an exciting outdoor sports activity 
that tests not only individual endurance and speed but also the unity, physical endurance, 
and strategic tactics of the participating teams. The competition is usually set in mountainous areas with challenging terrain, 
where participants need to face undulating slopes,rugged roads, and various natural obstacles. At the same time, 
it provides an opportunity to appreciate the natural scenery and challenge oneself.

5. In the evening, we will reach the climax of the team-building activity - a bonfire party. During the party, 
we have prepared a sumptuous beachside BBQ dinner, offering delicious food that will satisfy your taste buds. 
Drinks and snacks will also be constantly provided. Meanwhile, we have prepared a series of exciting programs,
including performances, games, and singing. This is a stage to showcase everyone's talents and team spirit, 
allowing us to feel the intimacy and vitality of the team together. With the firelight reflecting on everyone's faces, 
it merges with gratitude and team spirit. Accompanied by joyful music and lively dances, 
we feel endless mutual assistance and support.

Let's join hands and continue to work hard to embrace new challenges. 
With the belief that by constantly fostering teamwork and enhancing team capabilities, 
Tal Electronics Co., Ltd. will surely achieve even greater success in the future!

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation and efforts, let's create new achievements together!

Shenzhen Tuoli Electronics Co., Ltd.

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