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Benefits of Privacy Screen Protectors

Aug 20, 2022
As a personal item, a mobile phone will always contain all kinds of private information and secrets. Therefore, when many people use their mobile phones in public places, they are worried that their screen content will be seen by the people next to them. Especially when you use your mobile phone to enter various passwords, it is very dangerous if you are targeted by malicious people.

In order to prevent private information and confidential documents from being peeped, Privacy Screen Protector came into being. As the name suggests, it is a Mobile Phone Screen Protector, which can prevent others from prying on the screen and protect personal privacy. When you install a Privacy Screen Protector on your phone, people around you won't be able to see what's on your screen.

The Anti-Spy Screen Protector uses patented ultra-fine louver optical technology, so that the information on the screen is displayed on the front for the user to read. The viewable area is 60 degrees. Anyone can only see the dark picture on both sides. And the anti-blue light effect of the Privacy Screen Protective Film, the blue light blocking rate is about 10%-30%, and the mobile phone with the Privacy Film will automatically darken to reduce some glare. Therefore, normal use will not hurt the eyes, but will play a protective role. Anti-peeping Screen Protector effectively protect business secrets and personal privacy. Whether it is work, study, communication or entertainment, it makes the use of computers and mobile phones more free. Help the company's senior business personnel, lawyers, consultants, financial personnel, etc. to avoid screen information leakage when using mobile phones.

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