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Is TPU mobile phone film easy to use?-Tuoli

Mar 21, 2023
The following are the advantages of the TPU mobile phone film:
1. Abrasion resistance: The TPU mobile phone film has high abrasion resistance, is not easy to scratch or wear, and can protect the screen of the mobile phone from wearing daily use.

2. High transparency: TPU mobile phone's film is highly transparent, which will not affect the display effect of the mobile phone screen, which can make the mobile phone screen clearer.

3. Anti -fingerprint: The surface of the TPU mobile phone film is smooth, which can effectively prevent the fingerprint from being left and keep the screen clean.

4. Anti -air bubbles: The TPU mobile phone film is easy to install, it is not easy to produce bubbles, which can ensure the perfect fit of the screen.
5. Anti -glare: Some TPU mobile phone films also have anti -glare effects, which can reduce the impact of screen reflection on visual.
In summary, the TPU mobile phone film is a good -looking screen protective film, which has the advantages of scraping, high transparency, anti -fingerprint, anti -air bubbles and anti -glare. If you want to better protect your mobile phone screen, the TPU mobile phone film is a good choice.

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