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Is the tempered film blue light good or high -definition? -Tuoli

Mar 16, 2023

In contrast, the main advantage of the tempered film is that it has high hardness and scratch resistance, and can effectively protect the screen of the mobile phone from scratches and wear. The steel film also has the characteristics of anti -fingerprints, which can keep the screen clean.

For blue light or high -definition effects, special screen protective membranes are usually required. The anti -blue light screen protective film can effectively reduce the blue light radiation of the screen and reduce the stimulation of the eyes, thereby protecting the damage caused by the use of mobile phones for a long time. The high -definition screen protective film can improve the display clarity of the screen, make the image clearer and delicate, and improve the visual experience.
Therefore, if you pay attention to the anti -blue light or high -definition effect of the mobile phone screen, it is recommended to choose a special anti -blue light or high -definition screen protective film. If you just want to protect the screen from scratches and wear, the tempered film may be more suitable for you.

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