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What Screen Protector should I put on a curved screen phone?

Aug 17, 2022

Hydrogel Screen Protectors are better for Are curved screen phones more suitable for Hydrogel Screen Protectors? With the increasing number of curved models, the installation of Mobile Phone Screen Protectors has become a problem for major users.The traditional Tempered Glass Screen Protector cannot cover the edge of the curved surface, while the Hydrogel Film adopts a honeycomb structure. There is a certain toughness and elasticity.

Some users dismiss the Hydrogel Film as soon as they hear it, because the Hydrogel Screen Protector appeared relatively early. This kind of Soft Film has become a hot digital accessory when the mobile phone first came out. The Hydrogel TPU Screen Protector has poor adhesion and needs to be added with water to achieve a better fit. Now the problem of adsorption has been solved, but the name is still used.

The Hydrogel Screen Protective Film is made of TPU material, no matter how curved the surface is, it can be attached to the full screen and has extremely high sensitivity. Compared with the curved screen, the Hydrogel Film is lighter, thinner and more transparent, it will not affect the touch after sticking, and it has excellent anti-fingerprint effect. What's more, the hydrogel screen protector can protect the screen to a certain extent. Scratches and bubbles are automatically repaired. The optical transparency of the Self-healing Screen Protector is more than 90%, showing you the most original screen color and bringing the most realistic visual experience. It is very suitable for curved screens.

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