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Benefits of a Matte Screen Protector

Aug 16, 2022

There are more and more Mobile Phone Screen Protectors on the market. Whether it is the material or the production process, it can not only avoid screen scratches, but also enjoy a silky and fingerprint-free mobile phone feel. How to choose a Screen Protector to protect your phone and relieve the embarrassment of avoiding screen scratches?

Matt Screen Protector are one of the most common types of functional Screen Protectors. It features a frosted surface with a unique feel that provides users with a new operating experience. Fingerprint protection is achieved by applying a layer of matte particles to the surface of the Screen Protective Film. The larger the matte particles, the more pronounced the fingerprint protection will be, otherwise, the less effective the protection will be. Sadly, however, the matte particle layer tends to reduce the clarity of screen protectors. The larger the matte particles, the higher the haze. Instead, the particles are smaller. The clarity will be higher, but the development of the Protective Film process can greatly reduce the haze of the matte grain layer at any time through the production process.

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