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What is a Mobile Phone Back Skin?

Aug 11, 2022
What is a Mobile Phone Back Skin?
The Mobile Phone Back Sticker is an interesting way to decorate the phone, which can add style to the mobile phone while also providing a small amount of protection. They are different from Mobile Phone Cases, which usually pay more attention to function than style. The Back Sticker is directly attached to the surface of the phone, which can achieve a more unique appearance than most phone cases.

Sometimes called skinz or Mobile Phone Case, the typical mobile phone Back Film is made of vinyl products. The material provides a glossy finish and can use a variety of colors in the design. TUOLI can provide you with a variety of solid colors or use a variety of different patterns and color combinations of skins. In all cases, the Back Film is close to the phone body and will not interfere with any functions of the phone.
One of the advantages of using decorative skins is that they will not be permanently attached to the phone. This means that you can choose several different Back Skin Sticker and change the appearance of the phone according to the occasion. For example, they can be used to decorate mobile phones during holidays, seasons of the year, or special events such as birthdays, wedding receptions, and any other imaginable occasions

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